victoria_brown_webThe author of the book is Dr. Victoria Brown.  She is a first generation college student from a small town in Mid-Michigan.  As a business developer for over 15 years she became interested in exploring the pattern of poverty in families and communities.  One of the trends she saw was the lack of knowledge about business development in our education system.

“I think the education system K-12 do an excellent job in teaching kids how to work 9 to 5.  However, when it comes to business development kids lack the information on what a business is and what it gives you the ability to do in society”.

This issue of poverty is the topic of every politician in the 2016 political climate of election year.  As business owners I believe we have a responsibility to engage young people as early as possible in the dialog about businesses.jirehbclogohi-1-1

Victoria is a published author, product developer, mentor, and CEO/President of Jireh Business Consulting (JBC) located in the growing business metropolis of Tampa Florida.  JBC is a 501(c) 3 organization with a special interest in engaging and developing young, low income, and unique children to introduce them to business development education.