The Story Behind the Story

The Business Adventures of Penne’ Anne’ and Billy tells the story of three childhood friends who work together to create businesses that inspire young minds and seasoned professionals alike. These entrepreneur-based books provide a foundation to expand visions in ways that rarely gets offered in the traditional educational systems.Penne’ Anne’ and Billy Book Cover

The author of the book, Dr. Victoria Brown brings to life characters who kids can identify with and look up to as they set and achieve goals through hard-work and collaboration. “While the education system K-12 does an excellent job in teaching kids how to work 9 to 5, it often falls short when it comes to business development. Kids lack the information on what a business is and what it gives you the ability to do in society,” declares Dr. Brown.

Growing up in Mid-Michigan, Dr. Brown was surrounded by examples of how hard-work could lead to successful results including Mrs. Ann Jordan who owned a hair design studio at a time when women, especially African American women rarely had these opportunities.

She also later found out that her grandfather had negotiated his way out of his sharecropping arrangement to become business partners with the land owner. It was another
example that lead her to believe she was meant to take a business path.

Since becoming the first person in her family to graduate from college, Dr. Brown has become a business developer for more than 15 years. She’s also become interested in exploring the pattern of poverty in families and communities. She notices that the lack of knowledge about business development in our education system plays a role in keeping the cycle of poverty going.

Even though America continues to be one of the wealthiest nation on earth, millions of citizens still face extreme financial struggles daily. Dr. Brown believes good corporate citizens
have a responsibility to engage young people as early as possible in the dialog about business and expanding their identities of what they can do and who they can be.

The Business Adventures of Penne’ Anne’ and Billy

kicks off a series of ten books that use literacy, technology and music to help kids stretch their vision while getting bitten by the business bug. The books teach young people to become good citizens through messages of strong morals, resiliency, leadership, faith, charity, teamwork and financial responsibility.

Dr. Brown is a published author, product developer, mentor and CEO/President of Jireh Business Consulting (JBC) located in Tampa Florida. JBC is a 501(c)3 organization with a special interest in engaging and developing low income youth to introduce them to business development education and empower them to make a difference for themselves and their communities.