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The Business Adventures of Penne’ Anne’ and Billy

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The Business Adventures of Penne’ Anne’ and Billy

by Dr. Victoria Brown is a book about three childhood friends that work together to create the businesses that you want to be part of. These businesses help kids understand the handwork, teamwork, dream-work, and fun work it takes to run a business. Go inside of the many adventures and lessons about business development that can be told to children K – 5. This book will introduce children to business development education concepts like business partnership. Business partnership is just one of a ten book collection for kids that think they may get bit by the business bug.

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The Business Adventures of Penne’ Anne’ and Billy

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The Mission:

To introduce children K-5 to Business Development Education through literacy, technology, and music.

Jireh Business Consulting is non-profit recognized by the IRS as a 501(c) 3 organization with the vision for helping children succeed in business and education through the Penne’ Anne’ and Billy Project.

“We all have an obligation to our children to help them grow up to become good citizens. Some of the parts of becoming a good citizen should include teaching them examples of strong morals, resiliency, leadership, faith, charity, teamwork and financial responsibility. With some of these characteristics and business development education, we are building up the future CEO’s of the world.” Dr. Victoria Brown